We are Dani & Xander — Stuart and Audra are our people. This blog is about the family’s adventures beginning in July 2012 as we go to Europe. We’ve already been and lived all over the US and now we’re going to visit and live in Europe as Audra begins working at the University of Sheffield Hallam in the UK. So, kind of like the roaming gnome keeps popping up all over the place, we appear all over. You can see some of the places that we’ve been photographed in the US by visiting our Flickr page — we’re going to keep updating this page as we begin our European travels!

Xander’s been the most places — he was born in Oklahoma (poor guy) and then lived in: Austin, Texas twice (lucky dog); Topeka, KS (poor guy again);  and then a few places in Colorado with the beast that was Kylie. That’s where he met his new partner in crime — Dani — and they set out from Colorado Springs in 2009 for new adventures on the east coast in New York crossing six new states before arriving. In all, Xander’s been in 18 states and Dani’s been in 10 states. Doesn’t sound all that impressive? Well, given that most Americans have only visited about 8 states, we’d say the Schipperkes of Doom do a better job of having new adventures than most. And now, the roaming dogs are about to join the minority of Americans who’ve even contemplated being outside of the US (only about 37% of Americans even have a passport).

Aside from popping up in random places, the blog is going to chronicle our experiences as “ex-pats” living in the wilds of the UK (well, 3 of us are ex-pats since Stuart is returning home as the rest of us go abroad) and visiting where ever the wind, ferries, cars, trains, and budget European airlines take us. Anticipate photos and the random things that Audra observes.

Fair warning — everyone around here are adults … this isn’t designed “for the children”. Thus, adult themes and language may be possible, but don’t worry all photos and video will be G/ PG! 🙂 🙂 🙂


About Audra Diers-Lawson

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