Even though I’d been to Amsterdam a few times doing some tourist and a lot of non-tourist things, I’d never really noticed how dog friendly this city really is. No one thinks anything about the dogs being on trams, in public places, even in restaurants. We even had no problem adding the dogs to our accommodation (Stuart on the other hand cost an additional 20 euro a night 🙂 ). What’s more, when you’re around town, you don’t need to be reminded every 5 steps that dogs should be on leashes (and some aren’t, but guess what they’re well-mannered and with their people) and have a lot of obnoxious rules for people and animals interacting. There’s a courtesy and sensibility to it all that I most definitely appreciate. 

I’ve always liked Amsterdam, but now traveling with the dogs here I’ve found it to be even better — a civilized and sensible place where they don’t need 8312 rules to tell people how to behave — people just do and when they don’t, they yell at one another on the street and the conflict is done — the way that rudeness should be dealt with — have a go :). 

For the canine-oriented who find themselves roaming — Amsterdam gets a big kudos!



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