We are back and all together in Sheffield — just in time for the gray, dark, and dampness of winter. C’est la vie :). The doggies don’t mind — especially since Xander has patches of hair and clothes!

Xander, October 2012 Sheffield

Xander, October 2012 Sheffield

Dani, we don’t worry about because there’s not a whole lot of cold that’s going to be getting through that particular coat.

Dani, October 2012 Sheffield

Dani, October 2012 Sheffield

While I was away, I found a comic that personified owning a dog — but in particular, it really fit Xander. I think that it has pretty much summed up this little dogster like no other — My dog: The Paradox. Check it out… it’s well worth the look.

So, as we all begin our adventures (ok, in fairness the dogs are already 3 months into their adventures), we should probably note the rough and tough lives that Xander and Dani are living in Sheffield. Here are some prime examples of the ‘challenge’ that is their life:

  • They begin their morning with a run and bark in the backyard (the neighborhood cat has learned to avoid the little black beasts)
  • Along with their breakfast they are given Cheerios, which they hoover up like some kind of mad dust devil
  • In the late morning, things get exciting as they get to bark at public enemy #1 (aka the postman)
  • In the afternoon, they get to retire to their conservatory where they’ve designated the couch and chair as their favorite basking location
  • Later in the afternoon comes the big excitement for the day — DINNER — with the extra bonus of human food (e.g., ground beef cooked with veg or whatever we happen to be eating).
  • In the evening they get their choice of laps to cuddle
  • And then when it’s bedtime, they get to snuggle up and go to their bed… and for the old dog in the house, yeah he has stairs onto the bed.

In the grand scheme of life, I’m thinking that I should be adopted as someone’s pet. It’s not like these dogs have actual responsibilities — in fact, they may be the best compensated entertainers because all of their life is taken care of for just the short time each day that they break out with doggie gladiator games for our amusement.

Xander, Hanging on the couch in the conservatory

Xander, Hanging on the couch in the conservatory

Oh, and for anyone who would complain about the dog’s talon-like toe nails… sheesh, I’ve been gone for a few months — they’ll get trimmed!

Dani, Hanging out on the bed under my desk

Dani, Hanging out on the bed under my desk


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