I was clicking through interesting pages this morning and found a site titled, “An honest review of Schipperkes” and was intrigued. I’ve read 8 jillion pages and the books about Schipperkes and while some of them give an honest history, they’re basically PR pieces for the breed. This site not only had the best review of the breed, but some health information about them, as well as information about other health concerns. They also have information about 180 breeds.

At any rate, it seems to be a very good web resource that I thought I’d share: Honest Advice About Dogs

Oh yeah, and if you read about pet nutrition in it — you’ll learn that the dog food lobby in the US ensures your dogs get kibble and canned food that will contribute to a shorter lifespan. For example, much of the protein in American dog food comes from animals that fit one (or more) of the 4D’s meaning that their meat tends to come from animals that: Diseased, Disabled, Dying, or Dead.

Don’t like that? Write your Congressman, do something about it — and it’s not just a matter of avoiding food made in China. Those are American regulations that allow that stuff in American-produced dog food.


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